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I’m Kody, the Founder and Lead Creative at Signal Boost. I believe in doing great work, with great clients, while having a great time.

I’ve been actively working in the design and development field for the better part of ten years, and through that time I’ve built a wide array of skills, clients, and fun work stories. I have based my business on the principles of honesty and integrity: we do what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it.

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Kody McIntosh

So why the creative industry?

It’s no secret that the design and development world is a crowded place, filled with very talented people. So why create a home for myself here? It’s pretty simple really; I’m a creative both in nature and skill set, so the career was a natural progression. More than just this though, I saw early on in my career that there were a number of things in this industry that I could contribute toward in a positive way, and so that became a key goal of mine. 

The design and marketing world is my playground. Whether it’s strategy, branding, designing and building websites, reaching people through social media, or any of the thousand things in-between, I love getting to help people and businesses tell their stories. It’s about more than just the pretty picture, it’s about making something that really works. I’ve had the joy of working in a range of roles, both in-house and agency, as a creative and within management, and this experience lead me to deciding to go out on my own. That venture has gone from strength to strength, resulting in Signal Boost Creative Ltd. 

I have a passion for not only creating great work myself, but also empowering juniors within my industry to do the same. Whether this means preparing them for the realities of industry and the challenges that can bring, supporting and encouraging them through existing projects, or aiding directly in their professional development, I’m a firm believer in paying it forward. My work within Signal Boost has allowed me to do this, both in mentoring juniors within client’s businesses, to providing teaching at a tertiary level.

These years of running my own business have seen me work across lots of industries, including film promotion, marketing for manufacturers, brand development and strategy for technology companies, social media for beauty companies, and many more. This has been both from an external perspective and also as an internal contractor where required.

With recent world events being what they are, and as a result seeing much of the business world sitting in limbo, I am looking at opportunities both for expanding Signal Boost’s customer base, and for moving into permanent employment at a senior level. I am interested in lead creative, creative director, and senior designer level roles in Auckland, New Zealand. 

My commercial skills and experience include but are not limited to:

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Branding and Strategy
  • Creative and Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Front-end Website Development
  • Print Production
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Strategy

Outside of work I am also a musician, performer, and my dog’s biggest fan. I’m a pragmatic go-getter, and I apply this to all areas of my life. 

If you would like to know more about my work history, please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile. 

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What Our Clients Think

liberate I.T.
Charles Parsons
Line 7
20th Century Fox
Universal Studios
ymca logo
Love Me True
DNS Forest Products

My experience in working with Signal Boost has been nothing short of outstanding. Signal Boost has worked on branding, advertisements, promotions and various marketing collateral. Signal Boost has not only been a source of design, but has been able to provide creative direction with a strategic marketing focus. They have been able to turn around projects in a quick and thorough manner, going above and beyond to make recommendations and suggest innovative concepts. [Signal Boost] is professional in their communication, standard of work and creativity. I would highly recommend their services to you.

Larissa - Darche, Australia

Signal Boost's work with Line 7 is greatly appreciated. They are thorough and efficient always meeting the task given to them. When we were challenged on a project they would contribute suggestions that were always creative and successful.

Danielle - Line 7, NZ

Signal Boost has been a great asset to our business. They have helped us with graphic design, online marketing and project management, consistently delivering a high standard of work. They have a positive attitude with a proactive and well-thought out approach to projects. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Lou - Charles Parsons Fashion, NZ & Australia

Signal Boost was my point of contact for marketing design for the Interiors Division of Charles Parsons Interiors. During the time I worked with Signal Boost they consistently performed to a high standard and delivered exactly what the brief required. All their work was completed within the requested time frame and I never had to follow up on outstanding items. This is extremely important in our industry as we have to work to timelines which if delayed can put significant pressure on our business. Signal Boost's design work is outstanding and not only that, extreme thought was put into each project and adjustments were made to benefit the final outcome. If there was something that didn’t look, or sit right in the brief that was provided, they would put thought into a better alternative. I would have no hesitation in recommending Signal Boost for any prospective design or marketing work and hope to work with them again in the future.

Kylie - Charles Parsons Interiors, NZ & Australia

Signal Boost joined us in late 2015 to help us through our pre Christmas rush. During their time with us they proved themselves very competent in Adobe’s design applications and helped us create some excellent solutions to layout and design problems. Kody was well presented and professional in their conduct. They managed their tasks well and was flexible working with tricky timelines and difficult deadlines.

Haniel - Tru-Test, NZ

I have worked with Signal Boost on a handful of projects. Kody has always been honest, direct, and professional in their work and their communication with me. They insist upon the very highest standard of work, and it shows. I look forward to seeing their future projects.

Rob - Neighbourhood Nerd, NZ

Kody McIntosh has worked with us on an ongoing contract basis for the past several months. They have worked on a range of projects including branding, web design, web build, assets for social media, and targeted email layouts. Kody has worked from home, in a self-directed environment. They have made themselves readily available when required to work in the office as well. Even with having had worked almost entirely from home they are prompt and professional with their responses, and have completed all work in a timely manner. They have communicated clearly, asking for more information or making suggestions where appropriate, and has always delivered in accordance with expectation. In almost all cases their work has been approved by the client on the first pass, with positive feedback around the creativity shown. I would happily recommend them as a design professional.

Yusuke - Unleashing Potential, NZ

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We are set up to work remotely, meaning that we can provide full design and marketing support through COVID-19 isolation.